Company Overview

Anhui Sunshine Stationery Co., Ltd. is a stationery supplier with a wide range of office & school items.

It was founded in 1994.Through 24 years' development we have become one of the largest stationery enterprises in China. Also, it has been awarded the Class A Management Enterprise by China Customs Office.

Foska, our key brand, with the aim of "To be Favorites of Offices, Schools, Kids and Adults", which is very famous and popular in many countries. We take "stable quality, perfect packing and competitive prices" as ourmain rule during business actions. We also have two brands of "MosPas", "NISPREA" for your choice.

Thanks to the reliable quality, reasonable market policies and prompt after-sale service system, our products are widely accepted by professional customers. Based on deep understanding of the international business, we providecustomer with series of products, which can meet customers' special requirement and advanced standard.

Not only our own brand, we are also very professional in customer's OEM making and controlling.

From the beginning, we have been taking “good quality” and“famous brand” as the basic rule during our business.


是我們的主要品牌,其目標是“成為辦公室、學校、兒童和成人的最愛”,這在許多國家都非常有名,也非常受歡迎。我們以“穩定的質量,品質的包裝和有競爭力的價格”作為在商業活動中的主要規則。我們同時擁有兩個品牌的“ ”,“ ”等品牌供客戶選擇。