Foska works with customers through difficult times

Date:Aug,24,2020 Views:96

At the beginning

of 2020, we experienced a special pandemic--COVID-19, many factories had to

stop the production for nearly two months. After going through the difficult

times, we had resumed the normal production. However, virus became more and

more serious all over the world.

One of our

customers from Ecuador, which we have cooperated for more than 15 years, he

placed an order in February, then in April we received an email from him that

the situation in Ecuador was very serious, the economy was badly affected by

the COVID-19. Considering our cooperation is very strong, we decided to delay

the delivery time. We told the customer that FOSKA would face this challenge

and overcome the complex situation together with him.  After keeping the goods in our warehouse for

nearly 2 months, we delivered the goods last month and received the payment at

the beginning of August.

Even though the

COVID-19 is still affecting countries around the world, the situation is getting

better and better. We have confidence to overcome the virus, and FOSKA will be

accepted and liked by more customers.

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